Robbins Library Program in Arlington MA: Living Your Life With Moxie: Vivid Frameworks For The Next Chapter

Make peace with being a nomad and moving so often

Where will you move next? What parts of you will you more fully inhabit?

Consider the container in which you live.  Do you need to change it in some ways? Are they fundamental or more decorative? Do you need to tear down a wall or add an addition or move your structure entirely? Albert Camus talked about being happiest in a prison of our own construction.  Without a form of prison, we would have little focus. How is that prison of yours? Does it need alterations? Additions? or just a new paint job?  If you’re willing to explore possibilities, how would you begin? How would you let new information seep in? Sometimes we are really in search of the right questions.

What is that name of that period that starts around 60 and goes on for a long while if we’re lucky?  The Age of Reflection? The Age of Opportunity? of Redesign? Reconstruction? Gene Cohen MD described the period starting in mid life as the Creative Age because of the forces that are let loose in us…forces that we can damp down and ignore if we need to but are available to us if we’re willing to listen and cultivate them. I think of it as an opportunity for shifting paradigms about ourselves, about having our assumptions challenged and ultimately being loosened by them, and made freer.

If we slow down to listen, though, we are in danger of hearing many voices, some painful, some indistinct, some clearly yearning to have an influence.  But listening is hard if you’re not used to it and it needs to be primed with humor, writing, art, acting, rule breaking, risk taking, dreaming–steps necessary to let your reality come closer to the surface.  Egads! Yes, but how to do that?

Kurdistan in Summer

A first step: Write your life story in an hour. Give it a title. then another title.  See that many titles appear yet each suggests a subtle difference in how you see you life.  What would the cover of the story of your life look like? What are the variety of images that come to mind? What do they suggest about the future?  Are there parts of your life story that suggest “work” you are yet to do in life?  Any unfinished “work” with your family, interests, skills, dreams, or personal history? Have you yet to learn enough Croatian to visit the town your beloved grandmother once knew as a child? Have you never studied guitar intensely enough to be as good as you once dreamed of being? What is calling you now?

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