Life After Work: Designing The Rest of Your Life @ the University of Pennsylvania

 With 100 people you get a lot of stories to work with, a lot of energy and ideas with which to weave new ideas and spark insights.

We took creative risks together–naming tentative ideas with more awareness and force than we knew we owned–we did things that pushed envelopes like writing our life story in 35 words and seeing what insights emerged from that impossible task.  We looked at the unfinished “work” before us that might bring light if not always delight because sometimes doing the necessary requires doing the hard thing as well. Some said they entered a new space inside, others felt reaffirmed, some liked having new ideas dangled before them, others were there for the show and tell and sparkling water ! 

See Life After Work on this site for specifics. 

The presentation was delivered at the Wharton School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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