Life After Work – Put The Pieces Together

Big Ideas Don’t Come Announced!

Try working through this exercise. See if it helps. Contact me if you’d like another pair of eyes on your data!

Wedding trumpeters in Meknes

Wedding trumpeters in Meknes

Big ideas can come from….

1.  Fun
The FUN is in the doing! You’re in it for the moment and not worried how well you do. You’re engaged. Recharged. Not critical. You want more of it.

snooker * tennis * cooking * hiking * coins * musuems * postcards * movies * calligraphy  *  itunes * meryl streep * new york * kim chee

2.  Enrichments
You are willing to devote time, energy and resources for the satisfaction you will gain. The pursuit is “hard” fun. You want to get better, go deeper, be absorbed.

study italian * read pynchon * play like the dead * boost tech skills * take screenwriting * cook spanish * know more about the middle east

3.   Unfinished Business / Unfinished Dreams
You’re complicated. You’ve started down roads and stopped. Yo have talents and ideas yet to fully express. Conversations yet to have. Demons to slay and loves to embrace.

You’ve forgotten some of what you need to remember. You want meaning. You want to leave a trace. You may want to nudge us all towards good.

teach science * live in nature * make peace with the past * re-enter music * finish the thesis * grapple with faith * speak your mind

Where to begin?

  • Carry a notebook

  •  Record what you notice

  •  Use a camera to help you “see”

  •  Write your life stories

  •  Collect graphics that grab you

  •  Listen to your new self

  •  Take necessary risks

 Sweet spot where fun, interests & meaning blend